Day Of The Dead Artist Feature: Amtrac

James Caleb Cornett aka Amtrac has been unleashing a number of original productions and remixes that have been fusing the genres of deep house, garage, and disco in a brand new way. No one would expect that the 25 year old behind these innovative tunes was born and raised in the small country town of Morehead, Kentucky, and is still living there to this date.

“I’ve lived in Kentucky my whole life. I lived in Miami for 2 years on and off, but I had to go back, for the bluegrass.”

Not the typical response from such an up and coming producer, yet Cornett quite enjoys the country life.

“It’s mellow. Louisville is more progressive that the rest of eastern Kentucky. Beautiful rolling hills, its quiet. Theres a small scene for what I do there, but its more beneficial to stay in and work then always be out partying.”

Besides working on music and scowering flee markets, Cornett also helps locals with their tech problems, proving that you can actually make a living off of techno in more than one way.

“I also help people with hooking up their internet. Drive out to the middle of the boonies and help these people with their stereo systems and internet, etc. They know me. I’ll come out and help them. I’m on Craigslist for this. I think I’m going to call my next EP “This Techno Pays the Bills.””

“They actually call me the Wizard. I still use all the old school windows 95, gateway 2000, winzip – all about winzip.”

This country boy hopes to represent his home Kentucky while playing HARD this halloween.

“I’m going to grow my beard out, and rent a U-Haul to bring all of my stuff to sell at Los Angeles Flee Markets. Flee markets are great for finding records as well. It’s safe to say that I will be at that flee market in the morning on Nov. 3, and then come to the LA State Historic Park to play my Kentucky Techno in the afternoon.”

To us, that sounds like quite a sunday.

“Oh it will be. Techno does pay the bills.”

Catch Amtrac November 3rd at Day Of the Dead, but until then make sure to check out his exclusive HARD DOTD mixtape HERE.

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