The evolution of the HARLEM SHAKE Video

The original “viral” Harlem Shake video was this:


But the craze really started when buzz feed posted this one:


They credited the idea to The Sunny Coast Skate:


Buzzfeed, inspired by the response and the urge to dance like nobody’s watching, decided to make their own HARLEM SHAKE VIDEO:


Then some other offices decided to do the HARLEM SHAKE:

Office Edition:


Atlantic Records:


College Humor:




Even a couture manufacturer:


Public Servants were feeling it too:

Fire fighter edition


Colleges caught on as well:

University of Guelph


San Lius Obispo




T-Pain even made one:

T-Pain hula hoop


Then it hit the mainstream media:

Late Nigh with Jimmy Fallon


Followed by famous Cartoons:





These weird unicorns:


Soon enough everyone was making one:



And then it went global:







By the weekend, you couldn’t go anywhere without a HARLEM SHAKE video being made:


Car Show


Grammy Parties


NYC City Streets


Montreal Subway


Pool Parties


Mexican Restaurant


Skateboard Factories


But we cannot forget when we first heard this booty bumping jam for the first time back in May, and when it brought the house down last August at HARD Summer 2012:


BIG UPS BAAUER! Way to get the world dancing again!


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