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Colorado based DJ and electronic music producer Alex Botwin, better known as Paper Diamond, is a one of a kind artist who brings his own unique music to the table, a sound unparalleled to anything else around today.  Pursuing a life of music from the get go, the former bassist of the dance music driven band called Pnuma Trio definitely knows how to get fans on their feet and show them a good time.  With a unique and broad spectrum of music and range of styles, Paper Diamond truly lives for his music, and we live for it as well.


As he simply put, “Paper Diamond draws from an origami concept in that if you have a piece of paper, whatever your diamond shape is (simple or complex), that’s YOUR art.  For me musically speaking, whether it’s simple or has a lot of layers, it’s my self-expression.  Paper Diamond is art”.


Paper Diamond’s aw inspiring musical creativity has landed him a spot working with labels including Pretty Lights Music, Mad Decent and Flying Lotus’s Brain Feeder.  He uses a variety of production techniques, constantly incorporating stirring bass driven beats, catchy vocals and melodies, and distinctive use of synthesizers into smooth moving hits.  He never fails to impress the crowd with his energetic, passionately driven shows, and we couldn’t be more eager to have him on the bill.  What a better time to see him than right after the release of his new incredible EP “Paragon”.


“Paragon” is a brand new EP that consists of 11 tracks, featuring artists including Protohype, Gavin Turke, and Cherub among others.  Paper Diamond describes the new EP as his favorite moments or ideal instances in his musical life, mixed together into a cohesive piece that is intended to be listened to in its entirety.  The EP conveys his unique sound, incorporating Dubstep, Moombahton and Reggae among other genres into a smooth soulful mix embellished with exciting beats and buildups.  As Billboard puts it, Paper Diamond has created a cohesive work out of disparate sounds, resisting modern EDM’s genre taxonomy. The EP is rooted in the bass-heavy, dubstep-driven sound that earned him legions of fans as part of Pretty Lights’ camp.  But a sense of fearlessness permeates its 11 tracks, with no sound or sample off-limits.”  The first single off the EP, “They Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, which features rapping from Jay Fresh is sure to electrify the crowd with its distinct use of choppy synths and exciting drops, one of his many songs we can’t wait to vibe out to this summer!

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